Ticket validator sounds

It shoud be noted that all sound files open in a seperate window.

The Crouzet ticketing system was installed onto South Australia's public transport system in 1987. It uses tickets that are 66 x 30 mm in size. On this is printed information on the validity of the ticket. The reverse of the ticket has a magnetic strip which has the same data in electronic format, and printed on this side are proverbs and other public transport information. There is a blue validator near the door of every vehicle, into which the ticket is placed. The machine makes a variety of sounds, most of which are as follows:

Multitrip validated for the first time in a two hour period.

Singletrip validated for the first time.

Ticket validated as a transfer.

Ticket failure.

Ticket has not been validated properly... the person with this ticket is a fare evader.

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