Photos - 3000 Class Railcars

A 3 car 3000 class train approaches Grange station

Approaching Greenfields Station, a 3 car train of 3000 class railcars is seen heading towards Gawler Central.
Photographed on 6 March 2003

Mitchell Park has a single 3000 class approach it.

A single 3000 class railcar approaches Mitchell Park station enroute to Adelaide from Tonsley.
Photographed on 7 March 2003

3020 railcar at Dry Creek

3000 class railcar no. 3020 lays over at Dry Creek station waiting to depart to Adelaide station.
Photographed on 7 March 2003

3001 leads 3111 and 3112 at Gawler station

From the National Rail Museum at Port Adelaide, enroute to Angaston via Pelican Point and Outer Harbor, railcars 3001, 3111 and 3112 wait for the passengers to finish the toilet break before continuing.
Photographed on 28 June 2003

3112 leads the 3 car set at Angaston

At Angaston station, in the Barossa Valley, 3112 leads a 3 car charter by the National railway Museum at Port Adelaide while waiting for departure time back to Adelaide.
Photographed on 28 June 2003

Suburban 3000 class railcars at Angaston

Showing the general layout of Angaston station, are 3000 class railcars 3112, 3111 and 3001 at the passenger platform, with the goods shed to the right.
Photographed on 28 June 2003

A 2 car 3000 set are seen passing Showground Central

A two car, 3000 set is seen passing the site of "Showground Central" enroute to Noarlunga Centre. The train would have stopped at Goodwood station as it didn't stop at Showground Central to allow patrons to access the Showgrounds.
Photographed on 29 August 2003

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