Photos - TransAdelaide owned/operated 'H' type trams

Tram 365 shows itself derailed

TransAdelaide tram no. 365 disgraced itself on 2 July 2003 by derailing near the 6th Avenue level crossing. Here is shown the extent that the tram was thrown off the track, taken from the 6th Avenue crossing.

A closer up shot of the same derailment

Another photo, which shows the angle that the tram derailed, compared to the track. Note also the absence of a pantograph.
Photographed on 2 July 2003

A coupled set of 369-368 on the Goodwood flyover

Heading to Adelaide, on the flyover at Goodwood over the railway lines are trams 369 and 368. Despite the trams going right over the railway at the station, transferring modes involves a 10 minute walk.
Photographed on 5 September 2003

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