Metro buses in metro route service

Volvo B59

Volvo B58 1 door Rigid

Volvo B58 2 door rigid

Volvo B58 articulated

Volvo B10M rigid

Volvo B10M articulated


Mercedes Benz O305 rigid

Mercedes Benz O305G articulated

MAN SG280H articulated

MAN SL202 (Diesel)

MAN NL202 (diesel, non wheelchair access)


MAN 11.190

MAN NL202 (diesel, wheelchair access)

MAN 10.155

Dennis Dart

Iveco Turbo Daily

MAN NL202 (CNG, wheelchair access)

MAN NL202 (CNG, wheelchair access - Adelaide Free)


Scania L94UB (2 axle)

Scania L94UB (3 axle)

MAN 18.280

Mercedes Benz O405NH

Mitsubishi Rosas

Transit Plus

Toyota Coasters

Tours and other occasions

Volvo B59 farewell tour

Volvo B59 official "Last Trip"

Volvo B58/B10M Farewell Southern Suburbs Tour

Community / special events

2003 Royal Adelaide Show


Historic Railcars

Historic locomotive hauled passenger trains

2000 class railcars

3000 class railcars

Non-Historic Locomotive hauled passenger trains

Locomotive Hauled freight trains


TransAdelaide owned/operated 'H' type trams

Museum operated tramcars

Non-Metro vehicles


Long distance route buses

Vehicles from interstate, in South Australia

Country town buses

Council community buses

ex Adelaide route buses in their current guise

Charter Operators

City Sightseeing

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