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9 March 1986 - 10D re-numbered 10G to avoid confusion for passengers on Portrush Rd, with the Circle Line (route 100). Through-routing to Richmond and West Beach discontinued. Buses to Richmond and West Beach were through routed along North East Road to Paradise Interchange and Tea Tree Plaza. The loop at Magill was replaced with buses operating via the loop to Magill Rd, turning left, continuing to the Eastern end of Magill Rd and returning via the same route.

1 May 1988 - 10 re-numbered 102, 10G re-numbered 105 and 11 re-numbered 106 as a part of the system wide renumbering system.

16 August 1992 - Under the "new network" to release resources from poorly patronised night, weekend and public holiday services so that weekday services could be maintained and extended, the 108 and 109 were introduced. The 108 operated along the 105 route to Glynburn Rd then continued along Glynburn Rd where it met up with the 102 route, then continued along the 102 route to the terminus and returning by the same route. The 109 operated along the 106 route to St. Bernards Rd, then continued along St. Bernards Rd until Moules Rd then operated to Rostrevor College, returning via the same route.

21 November 1993 - 108 and 109 converted into loop services to improve service coverage. The 108 now travelled from the City entirely along the 102 route to the terminus, returning via Koonga Ave to St. Bernards Rd, along St. Bernards Rd to Arthur St then via the 105 back into the City. The 109 now travelled along the previously mentioned 109 route to Rostrevor College, then return via the same route to Church Street, then Vine Street and Magill Rd back to the City.

23 April 2000 - The 102, 105 and 106 services began to be operated by Torrens Transit. The 102 and 105 services had their weekday interpeak frequency increased to every 30 minutes from 45 minutes. The 106 had its through routing arrangements changed from Grange Road (111-118) services to 167 and 168 services to Glenelg. The 106 recieved a more regular 30 minute weekday interpeak frequency (from 2 buses every 45 minutes). The 108 and 109 services were finished, being replaced with all times services on the 102, 105 and 106.

8 July 2001 - 102 and 105 services had their times realigned to create a new "Go-Zone" from the City to Coorara Ave. The 106 was upgraded to create a new "Go-Zone". Weekday interpeak services were increased to every 15 minutes and Night, Sunday and Public Holiday services were upgraded to 30 minutes. The 106 also re-commenced a limited through running with the 115 - 118 Grange Road services.

MAN SL200 no. 1878 on route 102

MAN SL200 no. 1878 is captured at the Koonga Ave terminus of the 102 route.
Photographed on 3 March 2003.

Volvo B59 no. 1262 on route 105

Volvo B59 no. 1262 is seen on the last day of operation of Volvo B59's in Adelaide Metro route service, passing stop 13, Coorara Ave., enroute to Adelaide, then to West Lakes on the 113 and on to Port Depot thus closing a chapter in Adelaide's history.
Photographed on 24 January 2003.

MAN NL202 no. 1335 on route 106

In front of the Magill campus of UniSA bus 1335 is seen operating to Magill on the 106 route.
Photographed on 3 March 2003.

MAN SL200 no. 1828 on route 105

1828 bus, a MAN SL200 is seen turning right into Arthur Street from Glynburn Rd in front of the Firle Plaza shopping centre.
Photographed on 10 March 2003.

Volvo B58 no. 1483 on route 106

Volvo B58 no. 1483 originally operated for Hills Transit and still carries the livery of that operator. It is seen in Currie Street picking up passengers on the 106 route to Magill.
Photographed on 10 March 2003.

MAN NL232 no. 1779 on route 102

City bound MAN NL232 no. 1779 on the 102 is seen in Reid Ave.
Photographed on 10 March 2003.

MAN NL202 no. 1672 on route 105

Compressed Natural gas powered MAN NL202 no. 1672 rounds the corner from Magill Rd into North Tce, Kent Town with the "Maid and Magpie" hotel as a backdrop operating on a 105 to the City.
Photographed on 24 March 2003.

MAN SL200 no. 1843 on route 106

Silver MAN SL200 no. 1843 is seen on Magill Road operating a 106 to Magill.
Photographed on 10 March 2003.

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