ex Adelaide route buses in their current guise

Ex-MTT Daimler Roadliner 223 at Snowtown

Built for the MTT in 1969, Daimler Roadliner no. 223 is seen at Snowtown having been partially converted into a camper.
Photographed on 18 July 2003

Ex-MTT Leyland Worldmaster 939 at Whyalla

Leyland Worldmaster no. 939 was built for the MTT in 1958, as a part of the tram replacement fleet. It still survives in its current role, as a command unit for the State Emergency Service in Whyalla. Before transfer to the SES, it was the information bus for the STA.
Photographed on 19 July 2003

Ex-STA Volvo B59 1163 at Monarto Zoo

Ex-Adelaide Volvo B59 no. 1163, now with Monarto Zoo for zoo tours is seen at the information centre terminal on 7 July 2003.

Ex-STA Volvo B59 1202 at Monarto Zoo

In the new Monarto Zoo livery is ex-Adelaide Volvo B59 no. 1202 at the Monarto Zoo information centre terminal. Note the creative re-arrangement of the front destination rolls.
Photographed on 7 July 2003

Ex-STA Volvo B59 1144 at Monarto Zoo

Finally, showing the older Monarto Zoo livery is ex-Adelaide Volvo B59 no. 1144 which was laying over, around the corner from the loading point at the information centre.
Photographed on 7 July 2003

Ex-STA Volvo B59 1282 at Golden Grove

Ex-Adelaide Volvo B59 no. 1282 was seen after withdrawal from metropolitan route services in the Golden Grove Village shopping centre car park. The bus has since been bought by Buses R Us and painted into their livery.
Photographed on 24 June 2003

Ex-STA Volvo B59 1300 at Port Adelaide Depot

Still at Port Adelaide Depot, on 6 March 2003 was ex-Adelaide Volvo B59 no. 1300.
Note from The Phonj: This bus is still at Port Adelaide Depot as at 14 September 2003

Ex-MTT Daimler Roadliner 208 near Mt. Barker

Another former MTT Daimler Roadliner was found, this time outside of Mt. Barker, next to the Steamranger Mt. Barker - Victor Harbor railway. This was built for the MTT in 1969 and became their no. 208.
Photographed on 3 August 2003

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