Farewell Volvo B59 tour

26 January 2003

A tour was held on 26 January 2003 to farewell the Volvo B59 bus from Adelaide route service. The tour started at Port Adelaide depot at 10:00 am and toured the suburbs of Adelaide The following is my photographic account of the trip.

A map of locations visited has peen provided, for your convenience.

map of locations visited

Photo of Volvo B59
1. Port Adelaide Depot (prior to departure)
2. Largs Bay
3. Port Adelaide (Commercial Road)
4. Arndale
5. Gepps Cross
6. Dernancourt
7. Paradise Interchange
8. Paradise (Lower North East Road)
9. Rostrevor - Koonunga Ave
10. Wattle Park
11. Burnside
12. Beaumont
13. Glen Osmond (Gilles Road)
14. Victoria Square
15. Royal Adelaide Show bus stop
16. Flinders University
17. Marion Centre
18. Seacombe Heights
19. Glenelg
20. West Lakes Mall
21. Hendon Depot
22. Port Adelaide Depot (at the end)

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