Photos - MAN SL202 (Diesel)

1340 at Magill

Torrens Transit's MAN SL202 diesel no. 1340 is seen at the Magill terminus of the 106 route. This bus is now with Serco, as their no. 440.
Photographed on 3 March 2003

429 approaches Paradise interchange

Serco bus no. 429 is seen entering the Paradise interchange from the O-Bahn on a down service.
Photographed on 6 March 2003

438 at Elizabeth Station

Serco bus no. 438 is seen laying over at Elizabeth Station before going to Tea Tree Plaza on the 560 route.
Photographed on 26 March 2003

423 next to the Maid and Magpie Hotel at Stepney

Turning into North Tce, Kent Town from Payneham Road is Serco operated MAN SL202 no. 423 on the 542 route from Fairview Park.
Photographed on 24 April 2003

442 at Tea Tree Plaza Interchange

Previously Torrens Transit's MAN SL202 no 1342, and now with Serco as 442, this bus is seen laying over at Tea Tree Plaza interchange waiting to take up running on the 560 service to Elizabeth station.
Photographed on 15 July 2003

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