Photos - Mercedes Benz O305 rigid

525 on O-Bahn track near Paradise

Serco bus no. 525 is seen speeding up on the O-Bahn track, having just left Paradise interchange.
Photographed on 6 March 2003

538 on O-Bahn track near Paradise

Serco bus no. 538 is seen approaching Paradise interchange on the O-Bahn track, on the 545 route to Golden Grove Village.
Photographed on 6 March 2003

541 on O-Bahn track near Paradise

Serco bus no. 541 approaches Paradise interchange on the 542 route to Fairview Park.
Photographed on 6 April 2003

515 at Glengowrie Estate

Occasionally, O-Bahn buses can be seen doing non O-Bahn routes. On 16 May 2003, Serco bus no. 515 is seen at the Glengowrie Estate terminus of the 600 route.

508 at Klemzig station

Serco bus no. 508 enters the O-Bahn at Klemzig station, having just stopped at the temporary stop on the emergency access. Roadworks on Hackney Road meant that O-Bahn services couldn't use the track between Klemzig and Gilberton.
Photographed on 24 April 2003

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